Friday, April 25, 2014

woody harrelson & the food revolution

do you know that i love Woody Harrelson? he is awesome for so many reasons... currently, we'll focus on his awesomeness regarding food... the (lack of) sustainability of it, the nutrition it can provide, and how to heal through food choices!

so… did you hear about this yet? The Food Revolution Summit starts tomorrow, April 26th! you can join from home, and participate in your pajamas if you want!

John and Ocean Robbins are hosting and have major celebrities participating, INCLUDING WOODY HARRELSON, and they could charge a lot for an event like this but there’s NO COST. cool beans, right?

this event features 24 of the world’s most educated and inspired doctors, researchers and luminaries sharing –with you– the truth about food and its effect on your health and the environment.

register now and get instant access!

more than 150,000 people (and counting) have attended this event in the last 2 years and many have regained their health and vitality through the information they discovered through the Food Revolution Summit.

begin to take charge of your health now!

it starts tomorrow! hope you’ll join me.....

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