Saturday, March 29, 2014

peel it like a monkey

i have a weird thing about bananas. there are so many other fruits i would prefer to eat and i particularly detest banana-flavored anything (this includes banana bread and banana cream pie). ick. actually, i don't really enjoy any "flavorings" added to my foods. can't we just eat the actual food instead of trying to recreate a flavor? anyway, that's a different topic.

back to bananas... i recognize they provide supplies of vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, vitamin C and fiber... which encourages healthier blood pressure, reduces risk of heart disease and stroke, promotes bone health, helps prevent ulcers, regulates body fluid, keeps digestion moving, protects kidney function, helps eyesight, AND the comic relief they so often provide.

so a few times a week i'll peel it like a monkey and stuff it in my pie-hole... or slice it, freeze it and add it to smoothies. but wait, i said peel it like a monkey? what am i talking about? perhaps you've heard the rumor, but for some reason humans are peeling bananas all wrong. don't you know there is an easier way? here's a youtube video for your instructional enjoyment. no more bruising! 

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